Hi, I am Jessica Fradono, a Photographer and Writer, specializing in food, drink and travel. I have a natural curiosity for exploration and and discovery; especially when it comes to food culture. I’ve always believed that the food and drink scene tell a vivid story about a location and I love the way they bring people together in a true, genuine way. Whether it be around a dining table, at an outdoor market, or bellied up to a bar, I strive to capture all of that in my photography.
If you asked me in the past, I might have just said that I loved social media – the shares of millions of different people posting things on the internet – but now I know it’s more than that. I am intrigued by the view I get into other people’s worlds and that’s my goal behind the lens. Rather than using my photography as an extension of my ego (see my trips! drool over my foods!), I hope to give back by inviting others to visually come along on my journey and learn – eat with me, drink with me, explore with me.
The reality is that we are all a compilation of so many things! For the last 20+ years, I’ve spent my career in the hospitality/travel industry as a Human Resources leader for a luxury hotel brand. I have a masters in Adult Education, I’m also a grad of Florida International University’s School of Hospitality Management, where I attended lectures held by Julia Child and Paul Prudhomme. I started slinging pizzas when I was 14, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived in fantastic food cities like Austin, TX, Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL.
I have spent the last 5 and a half years in the fabulous city of Austin, enjoying the food community in my spare time – hosting supper clubs that encourage friends and visitors to dine together and explore the all the city has to offer, co-founding Kitchen Underground and marketing it through social media and the community, hosting food related Meetup groups, being an active member of the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance and volunteering with organizations like the Austin Food and Wine Alliance, SafePlace and Urban Roots.
In June 2017, I began what was to supposed to be a year-long  journey to pursue my passion of circling the globe and truly immersing myself in other cultures. It’s 2019 and I am still going. On the road, you never know what the next day will bring, but hopefully it’s enough to say that right now, my favorite approach to life is with my camera in hand, exploring the world and seeking the remarkable….

Why I love what I do

I have an undeniable passion for exploring the world and capturing beautiful images. My love of photography is taking me on a journey around the world, which started June 2017 in Prague. I hope you will follow along!

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