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Meet Lakana Sopajan Trubiana, Chef and Co-owner of DEE DEE – Northern Thai Street Food Truck. “I come from a family of farmers in the rural Thai countryside (Isaan) and when I was little we didn’t have much. In order to help my family, around the age of five or six, I would wake before sunrise to help cook and prepare meals that would be sold at my schools market before going off to primary school. It was my mother and great grandmother who taught me how to cook. I had to do it everyday for hours on end. I had no choice! I hated it as a kid, but learned to love and appreciate it as I got older. I am so grateful for that experience now. I simply love Thai food and eating Thai. It always reminds me of family and home. My biggest motivation is simply helping my family and sharing a big part of my life with people through food. They love hearing that people in America are enjoying the food we cook and eat in our home town… our very own family recipes!”

Lakana and husband Justin Trubiana are serving up authentic Northern Thai street food in their newly opened food truck, Dee Dee Thai.  Find them at 1906 East Cesar Chavez in East Austin, Texas.

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