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I have to be real about Split. I love so many things about it, but the food has not been all that I had hoped for. I had been dreaming of the freshest seafood, caught right out of the ocean and making its way onto my plate within hours of touching the surface. What I have gotten instead was overpriced and overcooked mushy fish, prawns so tiny you can barely find them in a bowl of pasta, and shrimp that won’t come out of their shells – a sure sign of not being fresh.

After talking with one of our local contacts, I found out that the ocean and the sea has unfortunately been overfished and that they don’t recommend eating the seafood in most restaurants in Split — there were a few exceptions, which I plan to try and write about later. But for now, he said to stick to the meat when eating out. He recommended that we try one of his favorites, Restoran Lučica, after a swim and watching the INCREDIBLE sunset at Park Suma Marjan. 

Sunset at Park Suma Marjan, Split, Croatia

Restoran Lučica has been open for over 20 years and specializes in making traditional foods of the Dalmatian coast with the highest quality ingredients. I think we may have been the only non-locals there, but our server was very understanding and patient, answering all of our questions; she also spoke English. You can see from the photos that this place was not about fancy plating, or food innovation; it was about basic ingredients done right. After taking our local contact’s advice, my meal was everything I had been missing and I have a whole new perspective on the food of Split.

This steak was beyond perfect, you could just tell that the meat was so fresh. The grilled vegetables were so perfectly cooked and full of natural flavor; and I was told sourced locally.

An appetizer of housemade pasta with truffles and prosciutto – the other highlight of the meal. Truffles are everywhere here — that part has been amazing.

This grilled housemade bread was the perfect accompaniment to our dinner. I used the garlic butter that came on the side of my steak as a spread because the natural flavor of the meat was so good that I didn’t want to take away from it.

View of the kitchen with a serious wood fired grill

Interior of the restaurant

There were nine of us and everyone raved about their food. We sat outside because we had all been swimming before, and it was super casual, so no problem. No frills. Not fancy. Just delicious food made with fresh ingredients. With four more weeks on the island, I will be back for sure.

You can find Restoran Lučica here. More info on Park Suma Marjan here.

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