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Honeypot Magazine is a new Atlanta-based international publication that will highlight women in the food industry, “butchers, brewers, cheesemakers, chefs, farmers, vinters, fishmongers, ranchers. This magazine is about just that, women in in food in all their glory, from leading pastry chefs in NYC, to the new generation of rice farmers in India. Exposing and celebrating what it is to be a woman in an often male influenced industry.”

The Honeypot crew hit Austin on February 26, 2017 to engage some pretty awesome ladies in a fundraiser. The night was filled with 90’s grunge, rocking music, lady power and eight courses from Chefs Sarah Heard, Jasmine Jones, Stephanie McClenny, Rebecca Masson, Martha Wilcox, Eloide Westover, and Honeypot’s founder Taria Camerino.

Here’s some of my favorite shots from this super enjoyable night! Read more about Honeypot and connect: Honeypot Magazine: A Distinctive Magazine About Women In Food 

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