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Today we played tourist in Split, Croatia – the place where we’ve actually lived for the last five weeks.  In my first 3 months of being on the road, I have figured out that when your time is coming to an end in a city, you end up scrambling to fit a bunch of things in before you go. You still never get to do everything you wanted to do, and you learn to live with that fact at each destination — there’s just not enough time in the day — or the month in our case.

So, today we climbed 187 feet up some pretty steep steps in dresses and sandals (again); saw the cathedral, treasury, crypt of St. Lucy, the baptistry and the bell tower of old town Split — with it’s amazing views.

The stairs can be a bit rough at times. They are metal and don’t all feel incredibly stable; I have read that they cause a lot of people to experience vertigo. The steps at the very bottom are made of the same slippery limestone that you will find all over Croatia, and they are quite high and narrow, with low ceilings. If you have a fear of heights or claustrophobia, this may not be for you. There is one way in and one way out – so whether going up or down, it’s best to listen for other climbers because only one person can pass at a time in most spots. There are platforms at the top of every flight so that you can rest or let others pass while you are taking in the insanely beautiful views. It was very hot and I even felt a bit nauseous once we got to the top, but definitely thought it was worth the climb.

Pro tip: It’s not super obvious, so make sure you ask about the option to buy the combined ticket for 45 Kuna which includes entrance all the mentioned sites. I thought it was easiest to purchase and start at the back of the cathedral, at the entrance behind the sphinx. Also you will have to cover your shoulders/knees inside the church (they have scarves they will lend you at no charge). I hope you enjoy your time in Split!

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